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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4740 - 4743

 4740. The drawings were more or less in the style of Degas, but not quite so perfectly elegant. These were the drawings of a man who had learned to draw over a long period of time; the struggle to master the craft was still evident.

 4741. Like all great artists of the past, he was left handed, this was obvious from the twelve O'clock to four O'clock rapid curving strokes that you see so often in Leonardo's silver point drawings.

 4742. All of the drawings were of one woman, a young and beautiful woman, just as you might expect, and the thing most obvious in the work was the man's evident love of his subject. Here and there were some uninspired and unfinished sketches and in them you could see a striving to get the effect of a work by Seurat.

 4743. In these drawings he used no lines, only tones of massed darks that show the texture of the paper. But the figure works were all in delicate hard pencil, probably a 4h, or even a 5. They had a silvery quality, on a white paper tinted toward a faint blue. 

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