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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lost in New York, parts 4712 - 4715

 4712. You decide to give the old woman some useful instructions. You ask if she can provide you with tea, and she says that she can. You ask her if she can make you an espresso, and she says that she can do that also. 

 4713. "So," you say," completing your logical argument, "If you can make me a tea, and you can make me an espresso, all you need to do is make a tea with no tea bag, and pour the espresso into the cup."

 4714. All along you have been imagining that the problem is simply one of communication, and if you can just make yourself understood you will be able to sit down to your morning coffee, with something to go with it, and enjoy the first morning of your vacation.

4715. But you are wrong, as you are soon going to find out, because after your simple explanation, the old woman again declines to make you the coffee you desire, and all she has to say in a gravelly voice is, "No." 

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