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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4748 - 4751

4748. Those old ledger books used to have many hundreds of thin pages, but since this was a sketchbook, the paper was a thick smooth drawing paper, and there were about a hundred and twenty sheets in all. It had been used often and it was covered with fine scratches, and spots of ink and paint, both on the covers and accidentally on various pages.

4749. Conspicuously missing was any kind of identifying information, dates, addresses or numbers. There were other papers stuck into various pages, and even manila envelopes with materials of various sorts. I found stubs from shows, and also announcements for museum shows and concerts. 

4750. Many of the concert folders had notes written on them in two different hands, as if it was a couple at a concert, passing the program back and forth and writing notes to each other on it.

4751. The majority of the book's pages were diary inserts, written in a very small cramped hand, and in the same hard pencil as the drawings. Unlike a conventional diary there were no dates. It was my impression that the writings were not consecutive.

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