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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Beggar's Daughter, parts 4744 - 4747

 4744. Three drawings were torn out, and not in a careful way, but as if in anger. The paper was not cheap lightweight paper but good cold press watercolor paper, and the torn pages had resisted being removed, and as a result there were even some red threads of the binding exposed.

 4745. It was a beloved book, and the subject was the owner's beloved. It was a book that never could have been abandoned by accident, and so I waited till nightfall, and once the café was closing I took the book up, and brought it home to my rooms. This all took place in Rome, many years ago.

 4746. I would like, however, to describe the journal, because it gives us an indication of what sort of a man he was, or might be, if he is still alive. The journal was rather new, but in an old style.

 4747. It was a large book about twelve by fifteen inches, created in the style of one of those old ledger books that they used to write accounts in. Like those books the covers overhung the paper on three sides, and from use, the covers were bent in.

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