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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lost In New York, parts, 4676 - 4679

 4676. He was finally overcome by a profound exhaustion, brought on by so many days of anxiety, and fell asleep. He slept like a child who cries himself into a slumber, and still occasionally trembles.  

4677. Donna sat quietly in the seat next to him, and though she should have got up, she did not move. It was now 4:30 in the morning and there was no activity in the plane. Finally she too fell asleep, which could have been a big mistake, considering her occupation.

 4678. Donna and Coromo woke up at the same time at 5 in the morning. Their shoulders were just slightly touching. Coromo became aware of their contact and thought to himself, "If I so much as move an inch she will get up and go to the back of the plane."

 4679. Donna thought to herself, "If I so much as move an inch, he will wake up, and I will have to get up and go to the back of the plane."

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