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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4724 - 4727

 4724. Even when that person comes to his rescue, and explains in detail what he must do, and how much it will cost to get himself into the 'City,' still Coromo is going to carry out the directions with trepidation, fearful of becoming hopelessly lost.

 4725. This fear, a version of his earlier fear of flying, had been exaggerated by the vastness of the cityscape he has seen from the sky just an hour ago. It was a view that created the impression that what lay before him was an infinite assortment of streets and buildings.

 4726. Many lifetimes would have to pass for him to work his way through the maze of the cities streets in search of God know exactly what it was he wanted to find. Picture to yourself a man who does not know the difference between some town out on Long Island, and Harlem. To him it is all a jumble. 

 4727. While we wait to see how Coromo deals with this riddle we will return to the man we left in the slums of Naples. Where he came from, and why he even exists I have no idea, but we must go back there and make sure he has his coffee and a pastry, and does not get run over or attacked in the process.

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