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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lost In New York, parts 4700 - 4703

 4700.  So Coromo left the plane without finding out anything about the woman he was now in love with. Don't start telling me it was not love, but just some momentary infatuation. 

 4701. I know you think he will forget all about her for the obvious reason that he was now in New York City, or at least almost in New York City. He only was acquainted with her for a few minutes altogether anyway.

 4702. Their entire conversation only had to do with the shadow on the wing of the plane, so there was not much to remember anyway. He was about to be engulfed in the most momentous experience of his life, so how could he continue to be preoccupied with her. 

 4703. This is a difficult subject, and before we escort Coromo into the city we will have to talk about it a little. The subject is this; can going on a trip to a big city, or moving to another town, accomplish the task of helping one to forget about some person that has taken up lodging in one's mind and refuses to depart.

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