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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bluto, parts 3304 - 3307

 3304. That night Jason and Bruno returned, and so on Monday morning Jason was waiting for me at the corner. As soon as I  saw him in the distance it seemed that he had something important on his mind. He was silent and distracted.  On any other morning he would have started talking about cars, but when I asked him what he was worried about he got very angry, as if I  was attacking him. 

 3305. Jason was not the sort of a person that could explain anything personal, and so over the next several days, I  pieced together a picture out of guesses and surmises of what I  thought had happened when he was away. I  could have been completely wrong however, but there were certain obvious facts that could not be overlooked, especially the absence of the big Mayflower moving van. 

 3306. Jason had been teasing Bluto to let him drive the truck. He probably did drive the truck on some rural road in Alabama, and was pulled over by the police. Either that or he got in an accident. After that Bluto lost his job. All this had happened to people I  hardly knew, hundreds of miles away and of no possible concern to me. 

3307. But it was like someone had thrown a rock in a lake somewhere and the ripples went out, and the further away they got, they become so slight you could hardly see them; but when they got to me, my life was overturned and disrupted.

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