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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3224 -3227

3224. My idea of getting Jason to reject me and my friendship turned out to be a failure. Either he did not care that I had no interest in cars, or he simply did not believe me. At any rate, he continued his endless lectures about cars, and nothing I had said made any difference.

3225. As the date of my birthday approached I had to make a difficult decision; about a week before the date I told my parents I though I was too old for birthday parties, and was not going to invite anybody but my cousins. I never had to invite Jason, and he never knew anything about it.

3226. There was an older guy who was a friend of Jason’s family that he called “Uncle Bluto.” Bluto was his nick-name, his real name was Bruno. Jason called him Uncle Bluto because he looked like that cartoon character Bluto in the cartoon “Popeye.”

3227. Bluto had that same beard and hairy chest, the same hairy arms and tattoos He had a loud voice and the same desire to attack everyone and smash things up. Uncle Bluto had a profound effect on Jason, and later, after I  got to know him, he had a big effect on me.

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