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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3228 - 3231

 3228. Bluto drove a truck for a moving van company, and when he wasn’t on the road he lived next door to Jason and his Grandmother in a small rented room. He was often on the road, but when he was home his truck would be parked out in the street. 

 3229. The reason he had such an impact on Jason was because sometimes Jason would travel down south with him, and visit his actual mother for a few days, and then come back with Bluto. Whenever Bluto had anything to say he used profanities as his punctuation, I am sure you know the type. He had certain one or two word generic profanities the he often inserted as many as three times in a single sentence.

 3230. Jason spoke with the same sentence structure, using the same expressions as Bluto, and with the same emphasis.  Jason was a walking carbon copy of Bluto but with this difference: Jason was stupid, and Bluto was smart in a very peculiar way.

  3231. Bluto was more intelligent than any of my teachers. He knew a great deal about various countries, and their governments. He was tremendously opinionated and questions of a political nature seemed to set his mind on fire and bring out an angry, almost violent streak in him. 

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