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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3264 - 3267

3264. Every time we would get a nut and bolt started she would sort of start laughing like it was the most enjoyable thing she could imagine. Actually it was fun, but I  was too nervous to laugh, and our fingers kept touching , and I  had this strange feeling in my stomach from looking down her dress the entire time.

3265. At first I  tried to look away, but then I  just gave up and just looked, I  couldn’t help myself.  She kept looking at me right in the eyes and after a while I  thought my head would explode from confusion and excitement.

3266. I explained to her that we couldn’t pull the screws up really tight because when you are assembling something like that it has to be able to move slightly or else the screws will not pass through the slots, but finally we had it all put together but we couldn’t get it really tight because we didn’t have a wrench to pull it down really snug.

 3267. We needed a wrench, or even just a pair of pliers but I  didn’t mention it to her.  What I  said earlier about there being no household item that can be used for a wrench is not exactly true. You can make sort of a  wrench out of ordinary stuff, and I  had figured this out one day taking the fenders off of my bicycle.

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