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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bluto, parts 3316 - 3319

 3016. I especially I  didn’t want my parents to find out about what was happening.  I  didn’t want them to find out that I  was throwing away thirty-five papers every single day.  By the end of January I found a solution for what to do with the extra papers. 

 3317. There was a big brick apartment house about a block from my home. It was once a farm house, and behind it there was an old red barn. That barn was always locked up but behind it, just past a little yard, was the driveway for an apartment house on the next block.

 3318. When the driveway was plowed out after a snow storm they pushed all the snow into a gigantic heap up against the back of the barn.  There was a big space between the snow pile and the barn and if you were cutting through the yards you came to a place where you couldn’t be seen from any direction.

 3319. Every day I  would take all the extra newspapers and throw them between the snow pile and the barn.  There was no way you could have seen me doing such a stupid thing, and there was no way you could see the papers either.

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