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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3244 - 3247

 3244. Her face was very round, her skin very white, she always had on bright red lipstick and with her hair so jet black she looked like those Japanese dolls with interchangeable wigs. 

 3245. But now, when I  think about it, none of that explains why Mrs. Sweet was so attractive. She was attractive because she always had this mischievous look, like she was just about to pull a trick on you and laugh in your face.

 3246. It was this expression of hers that frightened and fascinated me at the same time.  That is what Mrs. Sweet always looked like, expecting that any second she was going to have a very good time.

 3247. This was a very big contrast to my Mom’s friends who all looked like they suffered from hemorrhoids and couldn’t wait for their lives to be over so they could lay down and die, and get it over with.

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