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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3248 - 3251

 3248. Grandma Sweet was wearing the same black dress she always had on that buttoned up the front, except that she never bothered to button any of the top buttons. You have probably realized that already.  

 3249. When I  got to the top of the stairs she was standing at the door of her bedroom, and gave me this explanation. She said she wanted me to help her put together a new bed frame she had bought, and that she had tried to do it herself but it was just impossible.

 3250.  “It takes these screws in the corners and there is no way to do it,” she said.  “If you  hold the bars in place you can’t stick the screws in the holes, and if you have the screws in your fingers you can’t line up the bars.”

3251. I went into the bedroom and  saw exactly what I  expected. Against the wall was leaning a very old stained double bed mattress the colors of pizza.  In the corner was a heap of gray looking sheets and blankets and pillows, and in the  corner was a pile of clothes.

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