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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3236 - 3239

 3236. About ten o’clock on Saturday morning I  rode my bike over to Jason’s apartment house. I was going to go down the sidewalk in front of Mrs. Sweets apartment. Mrs. Sweet must have seen me through her window because she came out and shouted to me.

 3237.  I  went over to her door and parked my bicycle. I  was very nervous but I  don’t think she took any notice.  I  stood at the door on pins and needles to see what she was going to say to me.

 3238. “Albert, come in here I  want you to help with something, Jason and Sacko are away this weekend.”  That's what she said. Sacko was Bruno’s last name, Bruno Sacko, what a name to get stuck with.

 3239. I expected Mrs. Sweet to go into the kitchen, or perhaps the living room but she didn’t, she started up the stairs to the bedrooms and I  followed right behind her. 

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