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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3272 - 3275

 3272. For me that was very odd. After thirteen years of everyone thinking that I was stupid, to have somebody think that I  was so smart was a novel experience.

 3273. Once the bed was finished we put the wood slats in and we put the box spring and the mattress on. Then there was a very strange minute when Mrs. Sweet sat on the bed, and I  decided I  had to leave immediately. I  practically ran out of her house. When I  got outside my bicycle waiting for me on the ground where I  had left it.

 3274. At that time I loved my bicycle more than anything, and in order to explain what had happened, or didn’t happen with Mrs. Sweet, I  have to tell you about the bicycle.  My bicycle was the best and most expensive Schwinn model.

  3275. Most of my bicycles back then I  had purchased for a few dollars from a bicycle parts store down on Bagg Square from a big attic room they had where they stored all the old bikes that had been traded in or damaged.

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