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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bluto, parts 3324 - 3327

 3324. Behind the barn there was the most gigantic pile of wet soggy newspapers that you might ever come across in your life, piled all in one place.  Imagine how I  felt.

 3325. I  could sympathize with the murderer who reads in the newspaper about the person they killed being found in the woods somewhere by a hunter.  Nobody knows who the guilty person is but they are going to find out.  That is how it was with my pile of newspapers.

3326. If  you were cutting through those yards between Sunset and Rose Place and you saw those papers; at first you would have no idea how they could have come to be there.  You would have thought to yourself, “Who would have so many newspapers to throw away?”


3327. There would be only one answer to that question, a paper boy.  And why would a paper boy have so many papers to throw away, you would immediately wonder?  “Because he is losing his costumers and not telling his route manager about it, that's why.”

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