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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3276 - 3279

 3276. The bicycle store was named Embries after its owner. The store no longer exists, having gone out of business many years ago. The building it occupied can no longer be found, having been torn down many years ago.

 3277. Embries Bicycle Shop was located on Bagg Square. Bagg Square was our town’s equivalent of New York City’s Bowery during the fifties; a place where drunks could be found sound asleep on the sidewalk at ten in the morning. However, Bagg Square no longer exists.

 3278. Where Bagg Square was you will now find the cement supports of two gigantic highways that intersect in the middle of downtown. The highways were built years ago to divert traffic away from the busy center of town that was always gridlocked with traffic.

3279. The highways did their job so efficiently that now you can hardly find ten cars downtown, and almost no shoppers. This city will remain nameless, although I am sure you know of a similar one whose downtown was done to death by car traffic and parking dilemmas, fifty years ago.

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