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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3268 - 3271

 3268. The fenders were held on by rusted nuts and bolts just like on Mrs. sweets bed frame.  Here is what you do. You wedge some metal object between the nut and something rigid like the bicycle frame. Then, when you turn the screw the bolt becomes trapped and can’t move and after that it either comes apart, or the screw becomes stripped.

 3269. I  am not going to explain what to do if the screw gets stripped because I  want to get back to telling you about Mrs. Sweet and the bed frame.

 3270. I showed her how all we had to do was to stack up three pennies, and wedge them between the flat part of the nut and the bed frame.  Those three pennies take up about a quarter of an inch which is just the space between the nut and the frame. Then, when you turn the screw, the nut is trapped, but sometimes the pennies get wedged in so tight you have to tap them out with a hammer. 

 3271. Using  pennies for a wrench was just amazing to Mrs. Sweet; she seemed to think I was a genius because of it.  She kept saying, “That’s so, that’s just so...”  she wanted to say, ‘smart,’ but was looking for an even better word. 

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