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Monday, June 2, 2014

Jason and his Grandmother, parts 3216 - 3219

 3216. But I didn’t stop there, I branched out into car history  “At one time,”  I began, “cars almost made sense, back fifty years ago when they were just a steel box that went twenty miles an hour at the top speed.  But right away the car makers realized that they had to sell their cars to not just a few people but to everybody.”

 3217. Since most people are stupid to begin with, they had to adopt the rule that, since people are stupid cars have to be stupid also.  And that had been the rule almost from the beginning, and all the companies compete to make their cars more stupid than the competition, and who ever doesn’t obey the moron rule goes right out of business

 3218. And here it is 1957, and cars look like rocket ships with fins, so when the dumb owners hit trees and telephone poles going a hundred miles an hour they can imagine they are in  jets going five hundred miles an hour. 

3219. In saying all of that I had a motive.  I decided to put an end to my friendship with Jason by expressing contempt for the thing he loved the most.  I thought it was a great plan.  How could he be friends with someone who not only hated the things he loved, but loved the things he hated, like the Nash Rambler, and even the Metropolitan?

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