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Monday, June 30, 2014

Bluto, parts 3328 - 3331

 3328. It would be perfectly obvious. And who delivers the papers on Sunset Avenue in that block next to Rose Place? That kid Albert, Albert what’s his name, he must be the one who has been creating this pile of wet papers 

 3329. So, there it was, April 15th, and a big pile of newspapers about six feet deep crying out to everyone that I was a loser. 

  3330. But then, on that very day, Jason asked me if I would work for Bluto on Saturday. Bluto wanted me to help him to unload some junk from a house in the town of Clinton.

3331. It wasn’t exactly a part time job really, but I made it sound like it was a permanent part-time job, so I would have to quit my paper route. My father didn’t like it, but I had no choice.

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