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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Three Penny Wrench, parts 3252 - 3255

 3252. Against another wall there was a dresser with a drawer missing, and just like she said, in the middle of the floor  were those metal bars that make up the parts of those very cheap beds that have no headboard. 

 3253. She didn’t buy the bed from the store however, it was from the street like the rest of her furniture, but the nuts and screws to put it together were from the store, and were spread out on the floor next to their little cardboard box.

 3254, Mrs. Sweet didn’t need to say anything because, the things on the floor were a sufficient explanation. Even though it was obvious what had to be done, and even though you could see it would take two people to do it, the first thing I  did was to say something very stupid which was, “Where’s the screwdriver.” 

 3255.  What she had on the floor was a pile of those machine screws, the kind that you insert into a square bolt with a screwdriver.  It might just as well have been the regular kind of bolts that you screw in with a wrench.  In that case I  would have said, “Where’s the wrench.” 

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