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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Three penny Wrench, parts 3240 - 3243

 3240. At this point I  really should try to describe Mrs. Sweet a little because if you had the idea that she was just somebody’s Grandmother you could never begin to understand my nervousness, or even why I  was going up the stairs that morning in the first place.

 3241. She may have been a Grandmother, but she was hardly forty years old.  She was not pretty, and she was a little fat, and yet all of that is the exact opposite of what I  am trying to say. She may not have been pretty, but she was very sexy, and even though she was fat, she was fat in a very attractive way.

 3242. Just think of those pictures you saw of  Jane Russell or Marilyn Monroe, and just imagine they gained some weight, do you see that they would have been be even more beautiful.

3243. On top of that, Mrs. Sweet’s hair was curly and jet black. I  know I  am not explaining this properly and so I  suppose you will have to take my word for it; pretty women who are a little fat are much prettier than ones that are skinny, at least I  thought so then, and I am even more convinced of it now.

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