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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3831 - 3834

 3831. The first to arrive was the sculptor and the painter. They came together in the same conveyance, sharing the cost, and they had been involved in a halting conversation full of pauses, all the way out from the city. 

 3832. The painter had started the conversation after their carriage had passed a famous church in the neighborhood along their route to Harriet’s house. The church was a small structure in the style typical of all Orthodox churches having several gilded onion domes and all its walls and arches painted in various colors in the polychrome style. What made it famous was the name of the architect who had designed the church. His name was Bartolomeo Salvino.

 3833. Bartolomeo Salvino was a Russian architect who, in his youth, had changed his name from Salvinovitch to Salvino because of his great admiration for the works of Italian Renaissance architecture. He especially loved the works of Brunelleschi. This was not surprising since all architects love Brunelleschi in their youth.

3834. You might guess that Bartolomeo came from a family in which Italian art and architecture were revered, and that is why he had been named Bartolomeo. The name did not refer to any specific artist but was chosen simply for its musical sound.

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