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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3911 - 3914

 3911. When Emily did not respond, the sculptor instructor answered his question himself. He said, “When monumental sculpture in bronze is being made, the clothing is crafted by simply dipping a coat into plaster and then draping a plaster figure with the plaster coated clothing.

  3912. Once the model is dry, everything is cast into bronze. So the modeling of coats and boots, shirts and gloves, and things like that is the simplest of the sculptor’s problems to solve.  When looked at in this way, the production of the fine details in much sculpture is not so impressive at all.

 3913. The idea of casting actual things into plaster and adding them to works of sculpture was too much for the brothers and they could not continue to pretend to be serious about their interest in their sister’s sculpture. They began to speculate about whether one might cast dogs and cats, parrots and rats into plaster, and use the molds to embellish various works of art.

3914. The fanciful image of some big work in bronze, entirely created from the casts of dead animals all piled up in a heap was not pursued because the Tutor, sensing the cynicism of Emily’s brothers, suggested that they leave so that Emily could get to work on her studies.

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