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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3839 - 3842

 3839. But if a piece of artwork is found to be fraudulent, or a forgery, does it call into question the value of all the other works by the same artist, thought or known to be authentic? Does it even necessarily render the fraudulent object valueless?

 3840. If it was discovered that the dome of the Duomo was not designed and built by Brunelleschi, but, through some bookkeeping error was attributed to him, when actually it was designed and built by someone named Brunellescki, an itinerant Russian architect, would the dome suddenly have no value in our eyes as a work of art? 

 3841. No, the dome would retain its grandeur and the Russian Brunellescki would be added to the history books as a great architect; and Brunelleschi’s fame would be diminished. The dome supports Brunelleschi’s fame, and not the name the fame of the dome.

3842. What was the architect to make of this idea? I do not know what conclusions he drew from the question of the significance of the name of an artist, but I do know that he later changed his name to an Italian sounding one. It was a time when Italian art and architecture were popular in Russia, so he was under the mistaken impression that an Italian sounding name would be good for business.

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