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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3891 - 3894

 3891. She procured a small armature, a quantity of clay, and the necessary tools and began work on her first clay model of a horse. She began her horse as simply as possible so that all the legs were straight, and all the hoofs were planted squarely on the ground. It did not occur to her at first to attempt any pose such an a running horse, or a horse rearing up on its hind legs 

 3892. She had hardly finished her first model when she bumped into the horses’ head and bent the neck a little, and she saw in an instant that it would be more lifelike if the head was twisted to the side.

 3893. Her second model included the neck twisted to the side, but still the rest of the figure was stiff and formal like the first. The third model included the front hoof raised up, and the knee bent.

3894. By the time Emily began her fourth model of a horse she had realized the need for the pose to have some twist to the body. Her modeling became more subtle, and the details more precise. The modeling of each horse gave rise to so many new ideas that by the time she finished each one her mind had already advanced to thinking about the next.

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