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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The birthday Party, parts 3863 - 3866

 3863. Years later the sculptor would come to regret making an enemy of his partner on the trip to Harriet’s home, but that is a different story. For now I will just point out that the two of them were not on friendly terms when they entered Harriet’s house; far from it.

 3864. At the very time the painter and the sculptor were traveling in a carriage and talking about Russian church architecture, another conversation about art was going on upstairs in Harriet’s home. It was a conversation between the tutor and Harriet's daughter Emily.

 3865. Emily and the tutor were very close, and had been good friends for several years. Emily was thirteen, and the tutor, whom you will remember was named Frida, was 28. Theirs was a friendship of equals even though they were so unequal in age. Emily loved her tutor because she knew so many things.

3866. Emily also loved Frida because she seemed to know instinctively what she was thinking and feeling. Indeed, sometimes Emily and Frida appeared to be two flowers on the same stem, so similar were they. This similarity was only obvious to them, and nobody else ever saw it.

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