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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3895 - 3898

 3895. My descriptions of Emily’s sculptures are not very accurate however, and if you imagine that her works were elegant pieces of statuary, then I have failed to give you an accurate account of her works. She was but a child, and as much as I would like to have seen into them the image of a future great artist, and as carried away as I was by what I saw in her little studio when I visited the family, the truth is that they were childish things, which made up in charm what they lacked in skill.

 3896. How often it is that the parents of some child artist are carried away by the precociousness of the works of their offspring, and yet, others see only clumsy, childish, awkward efforts, and only manage to murmur faint, insincere praise when asked for their opinion.

 3897. The ability of parents to see the genius in the creations of their children is almost never matched by similar perceptions when it comes to the siblings of said artists. The brothers and sisters are often afflicted with jealousy, which then expresses itself as sly and subtle ridicule.

3898. No amount of positive parental admiration will ever offset the biting sarcastic remarks of a slightly older brother, when it comes to the judgment of the qualities of some pathetic little scrawl of a drawing done by some ten year old. And why is this? Because the judgment of the older brother, although often brutal and lacking in tact, is almost always nearer the truth than the over sweetened gushing praises lavished on a child by indulgent parents.

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