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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3847 - 3850

 3847. So it is with colorful rumors and false information created in the public imagination. It fulfills so many unconscious needs and desires that it can hardly be corrected by any simple factual information, even if it was information you could find printed in every encyclopedia in every library in the world.

 3848. After out painter and our sculptor had passed the church the painter, whom you will remember was a devout and religious man, began to relate one of the stories he had heard about the architect Salvino. 

 3849. The sculptor, whom you will remember had become alienated from everything Russian, both artistic and political, listened to the story in silence, and only indicated his interest by an occasional encouraging grunt, to indicate that he was attentively listening. 

 3850. The sculptor, however, knew that Salvino was a Russian, and he knew it for a fact. Although he knew Salvino’s history, he deliberately and insidiously allowed the painter to narrate the story, and made no attempt to interrupt him, or to correct him.

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