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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Birthday party, parts 3819 - 3822

 3819. She wanted to get out of the house, even for a few minutes, but I ask you, could she have gone to a horse race, could she have gone to an opera, or to some comic theater piece all of Moscow was talking about. Picture to yourself, Clara in a box at the theater, laughing till she has tears in her eyes, and then she sees the image of her husband in bed with the death rattle already in his throat. 

 3820. None of those things were possible. Now picture our dear Clara at the Bible study group, or better yet, picture her on her knees in the sanctuary of an old church praying for the salvation of her husband's soul, picture to yourself Clara lighting candles before an old icon.

 3821. But I reach the same conclusion with all of those images and declare to you that Clara had as much interest in candles and icons as she had in horse races and theater, every bit of it was only an excuse to escape her house and the smell of medications and death.  She was a hypocrite who said one thing in order to do and think another, just as all of us do.

3822. But, in fairness to Clara, I could be wrong. Perhaps she really did believe the Bible and all that, and the gift of fresh air and the big wonderful and enticing world in-between her house and the church was just an accidental blessing.

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