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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3827 - 3830

 3827. On the other hand my first supposition is more likely the correct one, it being that in her heart she agreed with Freda but could not say such things herself without getting embroiled is such impossible contradictions as to bring on some nervous disorder.

 3828. Writers of stories are always trying to offer some explanation for the behavior of the characters they have created. Some writers will offer one explanation, and a more sophisticated writer might offer two, or even three. The truth however is simply this; no explanation of any action is complete and all the contradictory explanations are correct in their own way.

 3829. Harriet was anxious that her dinner party in honor of her birthday should predominately feature a discussion of art and culture. She was prepared to listen to Freda talk about the plight of domestic servants and tutors, and she knew that Clara would invariably shift any conversation in the direction of the church and its mission in the modern world. 

3830. She was prepared to listen to those ideas but she had made up her mind to steer the conversation back to her chosen theme at the earliest opportunity. In order to set her dinner off on the right foot she placed her new marble sculpture just to the left of the entrance to the room. You might remember the room with the high ceiling, yellow wallpaper and maroon drapes.

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