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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3867 - 3870

 3867. When Emily was upset about some affront or insult her thirteen year old spirit suffered at the hands of her older brothers, Frida’s eyes would glow with a silent flame of anger, exactly as if she herself was the victim of the incessant persecution the older brother subject their sister to.

 3868. As for Frida, she saw in Emily a more perfect and complete version of herself, but a version of herself devoid of hesitation, uncertainty, and fear. Emily would instantly voice some idea that the elder Frida had spent years trying to formulate.

  3869. Frida was like one of those persons who try for years hopelessly to learn a foreign language, and then stand dumbfounded to see some child master the foreign sounds with ease and speed.

3870. Frida and Emily were sitting on Emily’s bed in her room deep in conversation. Only Frida was allowed into Emily’s room that week, for her instruction, otherwise she sat there in silence and alone. Emily was being severely punished for something she had done.

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