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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3883 - 3886

 3883. Emily had to do her drawing of the horse from memory because she was expected to never see the beloved animal ever again, but seeing the horse was not necessary because Emily was able to draw horses almost with her eyes closed.

 3884. It is a well known fact that at all times in history, and in all places in the world, whenever a 13 year old girl begins to ride horses, simultaneously that same girl will begin to do a series of drawings of horses. The drawings of horses that the 13 year old girls do begin as simple outlines or even tracings and progress gradually to complete studies just short of being anatomically perfect.

 3885. The pleasure the doing of these drawings provides to the young artist can only be dimly imagined by anyone not so afflicted with the passionate pursuit of such drawing perfection. Simply considering the sheer volume of drawings a person like Emily was likely to produce in any given month can provide some insight.

3886. Emily had a drawing instructor who came once a week, and try as he might he could not get Emily to consider any other subject matter for her drawing other than horses. In vain did he introduce flowers, it was a waste of time to suggest landscape, the figure was out of the question, drawing the figure from life or a plaster cast was not even considered as a possibility.

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