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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3903 - 3906

 3903. Modeling clay looks like horse excrement, especially when it is piled up on a table and waiting to be fashioned into a figure. It was this curious coincidence that gave rise to the ridicule that the brothers subjected Emily’s sculpture to. 

 3904. When they had access to Emily’s studio they would stand next to the clay horse and make up little stories and their stories always would end would the words “horse excrement.” I am not going to relate any of these stories to you because they were so foolish, but the curious thing about them was the riotous laughter that the last two words of their little story's would produce in the listener.

 3905. You would think that if you knew exactly the two words that a story is going to end with, it could never be a surprise, or even be found interesting, but the very predictability of the end is what made it so entertaining, especially when the ending words appeared somehow unexpectedly.

3906. Each new story produced greater and greater laughter, until they were acting like young boys act the first time they ever invade the parental liquor cabinet. In this condition of self-induced literary drunkenness, the door opened and Emily and the tutor entered.

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