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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3915 - 3918

 3915. Those nasty brothers were not done with their pranks however; they proceeded to do something very creative and original. They went to the stables where the blacksmith worked, and from scrap materials and plumbing parts they fabricated a sculpture armature similar to the one Emily used for her sculpture.

 3916. Once they had the armature, they took a few pounds of modeling clay from the shelf in the sculpture studio. Using the clay they quickly mad a simple model of a horse. Their model was very crude, and only resembled Emily’s horse from a distance and was devoid of any articulation. Emily had worked about three hours a day for a month, on her horse, but the brother’s horse was completed in a few minutes.

 3917. Even though the boys’ model had taken only a few minutes, it was completely adequate for the exhibition they planed to use it for. They took it to the sculpture studio when no one was there and took Emily’s work down from her stand and placed their own work in its place.

3918. With Emily’s work hidden, the took their own model and smashed it into pieces on the floor next to the model stand. Then they hid behind a big bookcase was waited for Emily and the Tutor to arrive. 

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