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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3851 - 3854

 3851. This is what the painter had to say about Salvino. “Salvino’s career was going well in Rome despite the fact that he was known to be of Jewish ancestry. It was a time when a cosmopolitan Pope, very interested in humanist ideas had relaxed all the restrictions on the employment of non-Christians in church construction projects. 

 3852. As so often happens with architects as well as engineers, everyone assumed that he could do almost anything, since the erection of a huge edifice was such an amazing accomplishment. Therefore he was constantly asked to undertake, or at least supervise, innumerable small tasks. He had to design maps of the world for the Papal libraries while at the same time he had to cast coinage of gold from molds he made himself.

 3853. The design of Papal garments for ceremonies became one of Salvino’s responsibilities, and not only the design but the very creation of the garments he had to do himself, with the help of numerous tailors. Time went by. Everyone forgot Salvino’s parentage, or never though about it. 

3854. Salvino was so busy for such a long time that he became a fixture in the Papal apartments, with several rooms and workshops under his direct supervision. And then something unfortunate happened.

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