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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3923 - 3926

3923. But then, take that tree that is so difficult to draw and dig it up and transport it about a mile away, and have a look at it and try to draw it. Drawing a tree at a great distance is similar to drawing a simple cotton swab. Drawing a picture of a cotton swab is just a matter of two parallel lines, and an oval of scribbles so nothing could be simpler. 

3924. However, what if we have a very serious student who wants to truly draw the cotton swab as it appears to the eye under a microscope? Consider the overly conscientious student who wants a true rendering of all of the various strands of cotton as they overlap and hide each other in their infinity. That student must confront the same problems of drawing the tree. There are infinitude of visible details, and it can neither be done, or even contemplated in any seriousness.

3925. All that is neither here nor there, but I point it out to indicate how easily it was for Emily to mistake the fake horse for her real one, when she saw it at a distance all in pieces. Even when she bent down to look at it close up, she still did not realize that it was not her sculpture, but a forgery and an imposter.

3926. She kept looking back and forth from the stand to the shattered clay on the floor and tried to imagine just how such an accident could have occurred, when she heard her brothers laughing about it from behind the cabinet. Suddenly she put a picture together in her mind of what must have happened. She jumped to the conclusion that they had bumped into the stand by accident and tipped it over onto the floor.

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