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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Birthday Party, parts 3835 - 3838

 3835. Bartolomeo was inspired to change his name, changing the “tch” ending to the “ino” ending when he overheard this comment made by his uncle during a discussion between his father and an uncle of similar occupation.  Here is that comment made by the uncle.

 3836. A one hundred ruble bill is worth one hundred rubles. No one would question that. It is worth one hundred rubles until the instant that someone discovers that it is a counterfeit one hundred-ruble bill. At that moment it does not begin to depreciate in value, and drop say to a value of fifty rubles, but it just plummets right down to zero.

  3837. A counterfeit bill may involve its owner in some difficulties; you might say that as a counterfeit bill it is worth considerably less than nothing.

3838. The fall from grace of some one hundred-ruble bill, however does not call into question the monetary system because all of the so-called “real” hundreds retain their status.

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