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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4071 - 4074

 4071.Even though there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, nevertheless, every time you write one of those letters the shape of it is going to be slightly different. Consider the birthday card a five year old brings home from school for their Mom. The word Mom will be written in a large characteristically clumsy hand, perhaps in red crayon. 

 4072. In the child’s card we instantly recognize the letter M, and there can be no doubt that Mom was intended even if the marks trail off and are uneven. In the five year old's scrawl of the word Mom can be seen so many other things both tender and profound that there is many a mother who, coming across such an old card might be moved to tears. The M has this deeper content only for one single reader and is only quaint to all others.

 4073. So, yes, the M’s are as infinite as snowflakes, but all snowflakes thought they are different, are always and everywhere the same. And all M’s are different and yet always and everywhere they are the same also.  The letter M is capable, in its variations, of evoking the most myriad reactions; so too, with the flight of birds. 

4074. A million crows may land on a million tree branches employing that often seen triple back stroke of their wings, but as many times as they land they always are saying the same thing, “”Stop here now for a while, and rest, and then go on your way.”

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