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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4111 - 4114

 4111. Works began to be manufactured of such indifferent aesthetic quality that even the most obtuse observers could no longer overlook it.

 4112. So crow judgments fell into disrepute, and pigeons gained the ascendance. But even though the pigeons were in fashion for a while, it did not last long, because their observations and analysis continued to be too verbose and confusing and it often happened that after a lengthy critique of some performance nobody understood if their comments amounted to praise or blame.

 4113. “All you ever want to know is, do we think a thing is good or is it bad?” muttered the pigeons when they were criticized for their esoteric pronouncements, “Things are never just good or bad, there is much more to art that such silly pronouncements.”

4114. The majority of birds are rather simple in their tastes, so the reign of the pigeons came to an end even before the end of the Republic, and everyone returned to listening to the crows, and their former transgressions were all but forgotten.

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