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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4099 - 4102

 4099. He said that even though he was convinced that the play Otis wanted to perform in the dream was a play ultimately destined for all time, the entire universe and everything in it, still the play had another audience, an audience of one single person.

 4100. “Every creative endeavor, be it a painting or a drawing, a play, a poem or a work of fiction, has all mankind as its audience, as I have just said, but more often than not, a given work has also just one objective, and that is to win the affections of one single person, even some as yet unknown person.”

 4101. In this regard, a creative work can be understood as just a love letter, even if that love letter has neither an address or a destination. A series of works might be seen as series of requests for love, pure and simple. And who is the only person in this wild world that Otis loves the most? It is the Blacksmith’s boy, and therefore in the conclusion of the dream, he is the only audience.

4102. So in your mind Otis, you must accept that your desire to be a playwright is of secondary importance, and must some day give way to your real purpose, which is to attempt to return to your first affection, even if that return is not possible, not even conceivable.

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