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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4083 - 4086

 4083. The ancient Greeks were the only people to gain some understanding of the importance of bird language, but even they had to resort to the sorry explanation of fowls being possessed by various Gods.
 4084. So we are not surprised that Otis came to the Rooster for an explanation of his dream, and the Rooster’s explanation is very interesting and to the point, what he said, after long consideration is the following:

 4085. In your dream your play is to be preformed to an audience in an open amphitheater. Invariably the first detail; a scene, a person, or some object is of the utmost importance in divining the meaning, and your dream is no exception.

 4086. The setting of the play outdoors symbolizes the idea that when you create anything you are ultimately presenting it not to any specific audience, but to the entire world for all time. There is more to this fact, and we will return to it later when we sum up our findings about this dream.

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