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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4087 - 4090

 4087. Next we will consider the expectation of a sold out house for your play. It always happens that when any artist creates a work they can’t help but imagine that it will be received well, and even acclaimed. This anticipation of success is only one side of the coin however, and the artist also fears failure at the launching of any new endeavor.

 4088. Anticipation of success and fear of failure are foreshadowed in your dream by the combination of the sold out house and the stack of cancellations. This is hardly surprising as it is a confused feeling of hope and dread that is present for the playwright on any opening night.

 4089. Now there enters into your dream a special sign, the blind and deaf man who is the only person to come to attend the play. He represents your realization that your audience well never really understand your play, and never will be able to truly comprehend anything you do no matter what. 

4090. This is just the beginning of the things the blind man signifies; he also is the incarnation of the ignorant critic of creative endeavors. He is the personification of false praise, that person who heralds the genius of works for impure motives. At the same time he throws rotten fruit at the stage, when he does not even know where the stage is.

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