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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4163 - 4166

4163. The Rooster and Otis went on their way. Their destination was Rome. Neither of them knew what The Rome was exactly, but they were sure that they would recognize it when they came across it. 

4164. The pilgrimage to The Rome was Otis’ obligation, placed upon him by his tribe when they had ostracized him some time ago. The Rooster was going to The Rome simple because he had nothing else to do at the time, and felt he should tag along with Otis for the safety he provided, not to mention the entertainment. 

4165. They had not gone far when they came across a sandy bank by a small stream. It was an enchanting looking place, an image like you might find as an illustration for the month of May in a calendar, the kind of calendar banks give out for free in January.

4166. The two of them lay down to rest by the stream; Otis was using the Rooster as a pillow and although they wanted to take a nap they were bothered by a steady increase in the cawing of some crows in a nearby tree.

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