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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4123 - 4126

4123. It was not that the former plays could not be adapted; it was just that they felt no enthusiasm for a remake of the old works. They had both arrived at a new place in their lives and, by unspoken agreement, they both wanted to embark on the creation of an entirely new series of dramatic ideas. 

4124. Now it just so happens that great theater comes about from almost unseen humble beginnings. You might see some troupe of actors who have been in the business for half a century. On the stage you see a great Grandfather playing the role of a lame thief with one eye.

4125. His granddaughter is in the role of an abducted noblewoman’s child, and will be rescued by a convict, played by the child’s uncle by a second marriage. 

4126. The family has been at work all these years, any yet they have entirely forgotten how it all began. Their creative life started one time as a prank played by children to distract a vendor so that some fruit could be stolen. From the fruit that was taken, a hundred years later unfolds an extended family’s history of dramatic performances.

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