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Monday, January 12, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4103 - 4106

 4103. This is how the Rooster's analysis of Otis’ dream ended and it lead to an interesting discussion. The Rooster felt that everything about the dream pointed to a simple and obvious conclusion; if they wanted to become serious theatrical performers, they should abandon people as their audience altogether and not even bother creating works for the human population. 

 3104. “They are not worth it, and there is no point to it at all,” said the Rooster, launching into a dissertation. “Obviously when the people see a dish and a spoon they know it is a dish and a spoon, but as soon as you start delving into what that dish and spoon mean, what they signify, what they portent, then the human tribe is left behind in a cloud of intellectual dust.”

 4105. “It sometimes happens that some smart person pretends to understand the symbolism of things but it is never true, because people are in the habit of simply projecting their own thoughts and emotions onto anything that comes in handy. This habit of their thinkers, if you want to call them that, leads them into endless confusion.”

4106. “If I were to write a play and it was preformed in a huge theater and received endless praise and critical reviews I would be entirely unmoved, but if some random crow found it to be dull and insipid, I would be devastated.”

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