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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4079 - 4082

 4079. Unfortunately not much thought has been given as to how the bird felt about it, and what it was like for the poor thing after the event. Perhaps the bird felt like a person feels after electroshock therapy, or something worse.

 4080. After long conversations with the Rooster, and various other birds I have come to understand that birds actually do know what they are doing, and any suggestion otherwise is met in their communities with derision, and scorn. 

 4081. Birds like to mock any questioning of their intelligence, understanding, and skills in communication with questions like these: “Dogs have eyes but do they really see, they have ears, but do they truly hear?” 

4082. In our story however we can put all those questions to rest. Birds know a lot of things, and have their own language. They are always communicating with people but the crux of the difficulty has always been human stupidity, and the inability to understand even the most simple communications.

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