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Monday, January 5, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4075 - 4078

 4075. Even if you accept that birds have a limited vocabulary of flight movements rather than an infinite number of movements, still the larger question must be considered; and it is this. If one accepts that the flight of birds contain messages, what is the source of the messages that they are communicating. 

4076. One school of thought, and it has the most adherents, claims that the birds have no idea what-so-ever what they are doing or saying, and their movements and actions are directed by a Divine intelligence which takes possession of them for a moment and directs them to communicate some necessary message.  

 4077. This notion has a long and illustrious history and anyone interested in the subject will invariably point out to you how Athena was constantly taking the form of various birds and landing on various branches and fences, when she wanted to have a little chat with Odysseus, in the Odyssey. 

4078. Clearly, when we read those passages in that book we are not supposed to imagine that it is just some bird talking to a person, on the contrary we are intended to understand that a God is momentarily talking through the bird.

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