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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4179 - 4182

 4179.  At one point before the tournament began there were some crows doing an imitation of how roosters and hens flap their wings and jump up and down as if they might fly away.

 4180. The crows find these imitations comical, but the effect is lost on the pigeons who, as I said before, do not understand sarcasm and ridicule. The pigeons, looking on, thought the crows were just suffering from something like arthritis.

 4181. The tournament began with Otis making the first move, and from the beginning he struck a pose as if he had to consider it a matter of great import, like a chess master deciding on the opening move.

 4182. It was agreed that the opponents were to take no more than sixty seconds to make their moves, and there was one elderly crow that croaked out the time like a metronome.

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